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WKO Judges & Referees Course:


Ensuring all competitors within Kickboxing have a sufficient level of competent officials in place.

All England Kickboxing Judges & Referees go through a standardised training course.

The official course for WKO Judges and Referees for Ring and Mat Sports


Course FEES include:

  • WKO Judges & Referees Course
  • WKO Judges & Referees Certificate
  • WKO Judges & Referees ID Card
  • WKO Safeguarding Course

Not included but available to purchase from WKO upon successful completion of the course:

  • WKO Judges & Referees Licence/Insurance (Cost £25)
  • WKO Judges & Referees Officials Polo Shirt (Cost £25)

Contact WKO if would like to purchase these

These courses are worth £55 WKO has generously funded England Kickboxing with £100,000 worth training courses to develop the sports of Kickboxing in England.

WKO - Judges & Referees Course

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