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Who is England Kickboxing?


England Kickboxing is within WKO-GB.

With the objective of being a charitable entity to fund educational courses and championships to remove any socio economic boundaries some may face.


Our aim is to be a middle ground for any association in the UK, to work with us to form a common accord to widen the participation of Kickboxing.



WKO Globally has 72 countries (and counting) 4 of which make up the United Kingdom.


WKO-GB events are the largest Ring & Tatami Kickboxing events in the world.


Our mission is to bring the best training opportunities possible for Coaches, Trainers and Seconds within the sport of Kickboxing from the roots of Tatami-Sport right through to the elite of Ring-Sports around England and the UK.


Courses are also available for promoters that will link to an approved register for UK promoters Kickboxing events.

In addition, we also offer Club, Instructor, Members, Competitor & Promoter Insurance &  licensing with regulatory controls under WKO-GB. To ensure all licence holders are deemed safe and have passed minimum health checks by qualified examiners & registered physicians.


For decades, the UK fight scene has looked to our government for guidance and regulation of each style of Kickboxing sports.

England Kickboxing WKO-GB is willing to offer quality assurance, governance and regulation to create a fair and open environment so we can continue to improve the safety of UK Tatami & Ring Sports Kickboxing Rules.

England Kickboxing WKO-GB will not be a barrier to the continued growth and recognition of Kickboxing as a sport in England the UK or the World.

Every Kickboxer, Every Club and Every Association is welcome to work with us to increase the awareness and participation of Kickboxing.


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