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Regulating Ring-Sports

For decades, Martial Arts has looked to the government for guidance & regulation.


Around the UK, we have some of the very best world-class officials and world-class medical teams for private hire.


The standard of our UK coaches is also second-to-none globally. However, unfortunately, there has never been any formal training or certification to support and aid martial arts based trainers and seconds of Ring-Sport.

Boxing has this perfect with BBBoC trainers and seconds training. For the very first time, England Kickboxing now has the opportunity to offer training and certification for martial arts based cornermen and seconds & event promoters and organisers.


England Kickboxing works closely with WKO-GB & World Kickboxing Organisation (WKO) to develop ways to support clubs, coaches, competitors & promoters, and put in place requirements for approved events.

Now regulatory requirements are set, England Kickboxing is open to including and working with all associations that wish to be a part of what is required to ensure that clubs, coache, competitors & promoters, adhere to all the regulatory requirements deemed fit to make the sports safer; together we all benefit.

Working together



The next phase

Now sufficient licence cover is in place, it's down to promoters and coaches to ensure that competitors are informed and aware what

cover is recommended.


For 2018, Trainers & Second's courses are set to be launched:

February 18th - Leeds Martial Arts 

March 2018 - Storm Gym Luton

April 2018 - North East Venue 

May 2018 - Leeds Martial Arts Leeds

June 2109 - SXF Gym

August 2019 - Dragonfoot Gym

November 2019 - Midlands Mecure Hotel

January 2020 - Metrodome Arena


For 2021 updates & CPD WKO Funded Courses

May 23rd - Virtual College - Trainers & Seconds

June - Virtual College - Judges Course

July - Virtual College - Referee Course

August - Virtual College - Promoter Course 

More dates and locations to be confirmed...Watch this space.

England Kickboxing PRESENTS:



Free Launch

England Kickboxing are overjoyed to be announcing the launch date of the first ever England Kickboxing Trainers and Seconds course.

Due to the great response by many wanting to attend the courses, we have set up a free launch consisting of 30 places.


18th February will see all this hard work come together and raise the quality of trainers and seconds of martial arts based ring-sports around the UK.


Together we all benefit. 

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