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England Kickboxing 


Kickboxing today:


Kickboxing is a modern contact fighting sport created on the basis of many traditional combat most commonly associated to Karate & Boxing Sports which were fused to create the martial art of Kickboxing originating in the USA.


Kickboxing is a unique Western response to many Eastern martial arts. Where eastern arts evolved with K1 rules which was the hybrid of Kickboxing & Thaiboxing where a middle was established were a Kickboxer could face a Thaiboxing in a mutually suited rules set.

The footprint in which Kickboxing stakeholders sits is vast and each variant deserves the support and respect it needs for betterment of the sports of Kickboxing in England.

It can be practiced on competitive or recreational level depending on the aspirations of the kickboxer, but for sure it is a sport designed to improve your overall health, strength and endurance.

England kickboxing has 9 competitive disciplines, five ring and four tatami disciplines.

Listed below are various rules and styles within the sport of Kickboxing each one is a progressive style from the level of contact allowed to the addition  of different striking techniques and strike zones.

Ring disciplines: 

  • Light Contact

  • Full contact

  • Low kick

  • K-1 Rules

  • Thaiboxing


Area of Combat is the ring with each bout match by divisions which are divided by:

  • Gender

  • Age

  • Weight

  • Experience


Duration of rounds will vary on the above from two one minute rounds with a thirty second break up three two minute rounds with a minute break between each round.

The intention of kickboxer is to defeat his opponent with legal techniques which if light contact rules must be by majority decision on the score cards or if full power rules can win by decision on the score cards or stoppage. 

Tatami disciplines: 

  • Point fighting

  • Light continuous

  • Low Kick light 

  • K1 Light Rules


Combat area is the tatami with each bout match by divisions which are divided by:

  • Gender

  • Age

  • Weight

  • Experience


The intention of kickboxer is to defeat his opponent with legal techniques which must be delivered with controlled power with a majority decision by the judges on points scored.


Each round can be one minute & thirty seconds with a minute break, or two minutes & one minute break  between the rounds. The number of rounds can be different which depends on the level of the competition & the rules/style.

There are over 100,000 Kickboxers throughout England practising the various Kickboxing styles. The only known rankings which identifies the elite level can be found on our rankings page. To see each Style and their individual Rules set click on the below links.


England Kickboxing aim is to work with all associations, clubs, coaches and competitors, by working with some of the largest promoters around England we will transform lives through the benefits of sport

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