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Policies and Strategies:

  • Governance Code Affirmation

  • Registered Charity

  • Statement Code of Ethics and Conduct

  • Heads of Terms for Committees Finance and Audit

  • Heads of Terms for Committees Nominations and Remuneration

  • Quality Assurance

  • Safe Practice

  • Constitution

  • Safeguarding

  • Education

  • Sport Accord

  • List of Committees

  • General Conditions of Recognition

  • Whistleblowing Policy

  • Equity and Diversity statement

  • Equal Opportunities and Equity Policy

  • Directors Roles and Responsibilities

  • Articles of Association

  • Minutes of Meetings

  • Spectator Behaviour Policy

  • Anti Doping Policy

England Kickboxing policies and procedures as listed above will be made available upon request.


Due to being company specific, relative , governance and compliance documents we will  not publicly publish them, due to  potential copyright infringements.

To request access to any particular policy please complete the access request form below.

England Kickboxing reserve the right to decline access if reasonable request/reason for access is not submitted.

Policy Access
Request Form:


Thanks for requesting access!

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